Price Plans

Most of our patients have chosen to “Pay as they go” and some fees are:

New Patient Package:
Initial full dental examination with written summary
(includes up to 4  X-rays )                                                                               £ 75
Maintenance dental examination, without x rays                                             £ 50
Maintenance dental examination with x-rays                                                        £ 60
Standard dental hygiene session                                                                   £ 57
New patient/direct access hygiene                                                                      £ 85
Tooth coloured/white fillings        from £ 98
Tooth coloured crowns                                                                             from
£ 500

Advanced Services

Invisalign tooth straightening                                                                       from £ 2995
Dental implants                                                                                          from £2400

Dental Health Plans

Denplan Essentials Dental Health Plan,  from £4 a week
Denplan  Essentials  is a comprehensive plan covering your  check ups and hygienist treatment as well as offering a discount on other treatment, if needed. There is also emergency cover and accident cover. Your monthly fee depends on how often you have your teeth examined and see the hygienist   (please ask for full details)     

Occasionally fees may vary from those given in this guide. If a task is particularly simple or difficult we may charge a lesser or greater fee. If it is going to be greater we will always let you know as soon as this is apparent to us

Everyone’s dental health, smile, bite and expectations are unique.  Our aim is to provide you with the most appropriate treatment for you. We will listen to your wishes and give you a choice from the various possible treatments that could benefit you. On more complex or challenging cases we will discuss treatment options with you at a separate visit and provide you with written details of the proposed treatment and costs.  Our belief is that over the longer term cheapest is not always the least expensive, and we will try and give impartial and evidence based advice.

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